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Based on a common need for a robust infrastructure to manage their digital cultural heritage, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith colleges together launched the Compass digital repository in June 2017. Compass supports our institutional missions of teaching and research excellence through improved access to unique materials, and creates a resource to engage both scholars and the general public. The colleges have partnered with Born-Digital for development, design, and project management support.

Compass Product Vision

Compass is a centralized repository and platform for the three colleges to store, manage and publish digital objects on the Web. For researchers and campus communities it serves as a single point of access for culturally unique resources held by the partner institutions. Compass is a collaboratively developed infrastructure to support shared maintenance and stewardship of critical archival and scholarly materials. Unlike previously implemented systems, Compass employs a flexible digital object model (FEDORA) that allows for complex relationships and compound objects, and offers fine grained control for honoring diverse access conditions.

Compass Release Notes

The image on the Compass homepage, titled Mount Holyoke women protest Apartheid in South Africa, is a detail of a photograph from Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections: Student Organizations Records, Student Life Subject Files, Political Activity File, ca. 1985 (RG 25.01).

Compass Staff

  • Tristan Chambers, Product Owner's Team Lead and Scrum Master - Smith College

  • Josiah Erikson, IT Advisor - Hampshire College

  • Sarah Goldstein, Project Manager - Mount Holyoke College

  • Becca Groveman, Network Administrator - Hampshire College

  • Margy Jessup - Smith College

  • Rachel Leach, Repository Operations - Mount Holyoke College

  • Emily Moran - Hampshire College

  • Elizabeth Myers, Lead Team - Smith College

  • Jes Neal - Hampshire College

  • Michelle Paquette - Smith College

  • Christie Peterson, Product Owner - Smith College

  • Shaun Trujillo, Lead Team and Product Owner - Mount Holyoke College

Compass Development Partner

  • Born-Digital, Hadley MA.

Compass is governed by the Library Directors from the three colleges: Rachel Beckwith, Susan Fliss, and Alex Wirth-Cauchon.