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Compass brings together digital scholarship with cultural and historical materials contributed by Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith colleges. It provides a single point of discovery and establishes a platform that contributes to the stewardship of our digital collections. Compass supports our institutional missions of teaching and research excellence through improved access to unique materials, and creates a resource to engage both scholars and the general public. 

Based on a common need for a robust infrastructure to manage their digital cultural heritage, the three colleges began work on Compass in 2015 with a planning and discovery phase, through to May 2017 for the initial implementation. Subsequent enhancements and expanded content, including from the wider Five College community, are being considered. The colleges have partnered with Common Media, a local web services and consulting firm for development, design, and project management support.

Compass Release Notes

The image on the Compass homepage, titled Mount Holyoke women protest Apartheid in South Africa, is a detail of a photograph from Mount Holyoke College Archives and Special Collections: Student Organizations Records, Student Life Subject Files, Political Activity File, ca. 1985 (RG 25.01).

Compass Project Leads

  • Bob Crowley - Hampshire College
  • Sarah Goldstein - Mount Holyoke College
  • Elisa Lanzi - Smith College

Compass Team

  • Hampshire College
    • Abigail S. Baines, Chris Kitzmiller, Sarah Ryder
  • Mount Holyoke College
    • Rachel Leach, Shaun Trujillo
  • Smith College
    • Tristan Chambers, Jasmine Jones

Compass Development Partner

  • Common Media, Inc.
    • Liza Coburn, Patrick Dunlavey, Gavin Morris, and Noah Smith

Special thanks to the following people for their particpation, advice, and support

  • Mike Barnard
  • Maureen Callahan
  • John Crowley
  • Stephanie Friedman
  • Rose Reynolds
  • Erin Stalberg
  • Peggy Stevens

Additionally, Neal Abraham and Barbara Lucey at Five Colleges, Inc. provide critical assistance in coordinating multi-campus administrative details.

The project is governed by the Library Directors from the three colleges:  Susan Fliss, Jennifer Gunter King, and Alex Wirth-Cauchon.