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Compass Release Notes

Sprint 23 release

Nov. 11 2020


  • Add access restrictions message when Book viewer object has access restrictions instead of showing viewer with blank pages
  • Fix "Why Login" dialog box disappears a split second after opening
  • Collection landing page info call to action button, add spacing
  • Islandora & Drupal module updates

June 2020 release

June 24 2020


  • Fix issue causing scaled images to not load when any access permissions are set on them, regardless of whether the user is granted access. Affected object models: Large Image, Book, and Newspaper objects. (upgrade Cantaloupe to 4.1.5, reconfigure tokens in OSD and IABR)
  • Fix missing newspaper issue links on newspaper title page
  • Misc. Drupal and Islandora module updates:
    • Internet Archive Book Reader
    • Islandora Multi Importer ("IMI")
    • Islandora Scholar
    • Islandora Webform
    • Services
    • CKEditor
    • Drupal Core

FY20 Sprint 20

Jan. 28 2020


Comprises features and fixes from sprint 17 through 19

  • Fix: Undefined variable: title_logo error seen on institution collection list page
  • Upgrade Drupal core from 7.67 to 7.68 — and other module updates
  • Upgrade Islandora core from 7.x-1.12 to 7.x-1.13 (fixes performance issues on book page TTFB load times)
  • Install and configure Drupal Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation (advagg) module (improves front end performance of page load times)
  • Upgrade jQuery from 1.8 to 1.10

FY20 Sprint 16

Oct. 23 2019


Comprises features and fixes from sprint 15 through 16

  • Fix self submit date form field errors disabling submission button, unbeknownst to end user

  • Add support for video objects with closed captioning using the Oral History solution pack

  • Upgrade Islandora Multi Importer (IMI) fixing issue with bulk ingesting Oral History solution pack objects

  • Display author field in search results item metadata

  • Increase /tmp disk quota to .5T in order to accommodate larger batch ingests (early roll out Sep. 12 2019)

  • Fix incorrect collection count at the top of search results page

  • Place Solr and Gsearch configurations under version control for consistency among testing and production environments

  • Fix gradient background on institution page on some browsers

  • Add H1 to institution landing pages for better accessibility

FY20 Sprint 14

August 16 2019


Comprises features and fixes from sprints 10 through 13.

  • Increase temporary storage for derivative generation, allowing for larger batch sizes

  • User friendly maintenance mode page

  • Add sort direction options to search page

  • Add results per page selector to search page

  • Add asset downloads analytics reporting tools

  • Drupal and Islandora updates

  • Small changes and bugs including

    • Decrease heading type sizes

    • Fix affiliate link spans content area width

    • Use underlines to indicate current state in search listing controls and pagination elements

    • Add clearer warning about current environment (dev/stage/prod) on the top of pages

Phase III Sprint 9

May 21 2018


Comprises features and fixes from Sprints 7 and 8 of Phase III.

  • Enable PDF byte streaming so that PDF pages load before the whole document downloads

  • Add favicon

  • Install Islandora CRUD module

  • Fix bug: SQL error on save collection page

  • Fix bug: Colon in URLs escaped

  • Make date facets “opt-in” rather than “opt-out” at the collection level

  • Make submit button on self-submit forms match submit button on contact form

Phase III Sprint 6

April 6th 2018


Comprises features and fixes from Sprints 3 through 5 of Phase III.

  • Add serials & periodicals support using Newspaper solution pack

  • Add self submit workflows for end user to submit simple (one file) objects

  • Add social media share buttons and metadata for rich display of links on social media platforms

  • Add gallery mode for compound objects larger than eight items — removing film strip advance buttons

  • On Book Object detail pages move collection link above View & Pages tabs

  • On search listings fix accessibility errors detected by WebAIM WAVE

  • On compound objects fix accessibility issue where current item is not indicated

  • Create separate ingest and temporary file folders, and expand their capacity for larger batch ingests

  • Add selenium interface to automated testing rig

Phase III Sprint 2

February 26th 2018


  • Add workaround procedure for ingesting assets larger than 4Gb

  • Fix accessibility problem on object contact form preventing screen-reader users from seeing the form open up after clicking the “contact owner” button

  • Fix accessibility problem on compound object pages preventing screen-reader users from recognizing child objects navigation section

  • Add facility to generate large jpg option (in addition to small version) for download of large image objects

  • Fix missing abstract on compound object page

  • Make download file names more meaningful, include object pid in addition to datastream name

  • Make search stopwords list work on all fields, including title, not just OCR text

  • Add automatic checksum generation (PREMIS), periodic verification of FEDORA checksums, and integrity reporting feature sent via email

  • Add caption element to collection landing page hero images

  • Fix large image viewer not zooming out enough to see full image when image aspect ratio is unusually tall

  • Add ability to enable use of facets on a per-collection basis (feature disabled)

  • Several small bugs including: book tabs above breadcrumbs, stray commas and “Mt.” instead of “Mount” in access restriction note, book page breadcrumb link goes to Islandora collection, collection description fade out opaque in Safari

  • Several small changes including: Add number of collections on Browse All Collections page, change default settings when creating collection landing pages.

Phase III Fall Sprint 1

January 17th 2018


  • Transliterate non-ASCII characters to ASCII in collection urls

  • New feature to allow customizing facets on a per collection basis (feature disabled)

  • New call to action note element on collection pages for calling attention to undigitized materials with link to archival finding aid

  • Fix problems with OAI-PMH harvest of objects belonging to more than one collection

  • Fix advance button wrapping on IA book viewer

  • Overlay search boxes on collection banner images, and add background image on global search form

  • Add field for caption on homepage hero

  • Allow configuring of per item contact forms to go directly to respective object steward

  • Add search term in title of search page

Phase III Fall Sprint 0

December 7th 2017

Infrastructure updates to production servers and new staging environment.

Phase III Summer Sprint 3

October 4th 2017


Changes in this release:

  • Display asset access rules on object page

  • Remove "islandora" from object paths

  • Remove embargo message from search results

  • Fix some minor accessibility errors produced on home page

  • Fix bug with contact form colliding with image viewer

  • Make form field labels not red

Phase III Summer Sprint 2

No release

Phase III Summer Sprint 1


Changes in this release:

  • Make download dialog expand into flow of content instead of overlapping other elements on the page (usability)

  • Truncate item listing teaser text, so it doesn't expand height of items indefinitely

  • Make unstyled fedora collections inaccessible to non-admin users for tidiness

  • Add metadata, breadcrumbs and other page elements to book detail page which were missing

  • Disable scrolling in large image viewer so users don't accidentally zoom the image when they actually want to scroll the page (usability)

  • Fix bug wherein versions prior to Firefox 46 search results thumbnails run into the description text (browser compatibility)

  • Add feature to delete children when compound objects are deleted — skips if child has other parents

  • Show number of collections on institution landing pages

  • In object URLs use a plain colon in the object identifier instead of a percent-encoded version

  • Display user’s system user name instead, if the full name isn’t available from their institution's identity management system

  • Optimize PDF derivative settings to create smaller PDFs for faster load times for end users (this is not byte-streaming of linearized PDFs)

Phase II Release

June 2nd 2017

Initial release of core features

Major features and requirements:

  • Large image object type

  • Basic image object type

  • Generic PDF object type

  • Compound object type (comprising objects of the basic content models above)

  • Collection landing page

  • Basic search with facets, Latin unicode support, stock English stemming, stock stopword list on OCR content

  • Shibboleth login

  • Access permissions

  • Per item contact forms

  • All collections browse (rudimentary alphabetical listing)

  • Institution landing pages

  • Home page with listing of featured collections

  • Basic web content page

  • Look and feel and theming

  • Sitemap.xml for Google indexing

  • WCAG 2.0 AA compliance

  • Cross browser support for latest browsers

  • Responsive layout, but with limited mobile testing and support