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The Classes of 1911-1920 records consist of individual class notes, examinations, papers and class letters, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, songbooks as well as reunion materials of the same nature, all related to or dating from the time periods during which these classes were students at Smith College.

Smith College

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Classes of 1911-1920 records

Classes records document the undergraduate and post-graduate lives and activities of Mount Holyoke alumnae from the Class of 1838 to the present. Materials date from 1843 to the present and include correspondence, reports, minutes, class constitutions and by-laws, programs, dance cards, menus, songs, collections of letters by members of different classes, articles, scrapbooks, audiocassettes, sound recordings, video recordings, DVDs, slides, photographs, photograph albums, and objects such as props used in a Junior Show and costumes worn at reunions.

Mount Holyoke College

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Classes records

This sub-record group is comprised of materials about and created by Smith College undergraduate students and includes photographs, letters, memorabilia, scrapbooks, journals, notes, biographical information, as well as class records related to activities and events, such as commencement and reunion.

Smith College

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Classes records

Cogswell family. Wade and Hannah Barker Cogswell. Papers contain letters by Abby Cogswell Twycross, 1809-1878, daughter of Wade, to various relatives of the Barker and Twycross family and her sister, Elizabeth Cogswell Wood, 1807-1841. Primarily documenting family matters and Elizabeth's work as a teacher.

Mount Holyoke College

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Cogswell family correspondence

A collection of digitized posters from Hampshire College's commencement celebrations.

Hampshire College

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1971 Hampshire College Commencement Poster

Clapp, Cornelia Maria, 1849-1934; Zoologist and college teacher. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1871. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1872-1916. Papers consist of letters, writings, biographical information, and photographs; principally documenting her career as a zoology researcher, her work at Woods Hole Marine Biological Institute and her travels.

Mount Holyoke College

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Cornelia Clapp papers

Diana Davies became a photojournalist in the 1960s and was one of the principal documentarians of the second-wave women's movement in the United States. She photographed events of the civil rights, peace, labor, and welfare rights movements and the individuals and groups engaged in these movements, as well as artists, celebrities, and politicians. The Diana Davies papers are comprised of her photographs, biographical and published materials.

Smith College

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Diana Davies papers

Plan Maestro Office was created in 1994 with the mandate to create a master plan for the renovation and preservation of historic Havana and for the visual documentation of the city as the planning authority of the Oficina del Historiador. Listed in 1982 as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Old City of Havana is a 4.4 sq km (l.7 sq mi) area of high density 16th to 19th century buildings with many narrow 5.8 m (19 ft.) wide streets. Average building heights are 4.6 to 5.5 m (15 to 18 ft.) per floor.  An average colonial three-story building is 13.7 to 16.5 m (45 – 54 ft.) high. 

In 2012, Hampshire College through Professor Jacqueline Hayden initiated the Havana Archive Project with Plan Maestro; a digital archive of the Cuban Institute of Geodesy and Cartography 1980s photographs of the 1055 significant buildings in the Historic Center of Havana as determined by Dr. Eusebio Leal, Director of the Office of the Historian.  Professor Hayden and Hampshire College alum Guillermo Ortiz-Palacios with Alina Gonzalez, Specialist in Territorial Information System at Plan Maestro, organized and directed the scanning, following the Library of Congress guidelines for file formats.  The photographers from the Cuban Institute of Geodesy and Cartography made 4,722 negatives, approximately 80% of which are 5” x 7” glass plate negatives while the remaining 20% are 5” x 7” film negatives and 4,722 positive contact prints that have original measurements and notations drawn directly on them and form an integral part of the visual record of the working restoration of the old city of Havana. Many of the negatives were deteriorating from lack of humidity-controlled storage and chemical deterioration.  Some of the buildings photographed in the 1980s survey no longer exist. For example, two were demolished to build the new Russian Orthodox Church on that site.


La Oficina del Plan Maestro se fundó en 1994 como la institución rectora de planificación de la Oficina del Historiador. Su objetivo era crear un plan integral de renovación, conservación y documentación visual del Centro Histórico. La "Habana Vieja" fue declarada Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO en 1982. El Centro Histórico, considerado como de alta densidad poblacional, abarca 4.4 kilómetros cuadrados (1.7 millas cuadradas) y está integrado por edificios de los siglos XVI al XIX, con calles estrechas de 5,8 m (19 pies) de ancho. La altura promedio de los edificios es de 4.6 a 5.5 m (15 a 18 pies) por piso. Un típico edificio colonial de tres plantas tiene una altura de 13.7 a 16.5 m (45-54 pies).

En 2012, Hampshire College, bajo la coordinación de la profesora Jacqueline Hayden, inició el proyecto del archivo fotográfico digital de La Habana Vieja conjuntamente con la Oficina del Plan Maestro. El archivo integraría parte de la colección de imágenes fotográficas de 1055 edificios significativos del Centro Histórico de La Habana tomadas en 1980 por personal del Instituto Cubano de Geodesia y Cartografía según especificaciones del Dr. Eusebio Leal, Director de la Oficina del Historiador. La profesora Hayden y el alumno de Hampshire College Guillermo Ortiz-Palacios y la especialista en Sistemas de Información Territorial del Plan Maestro, Alina González Viera, organizaron y supervisaron el escaneo del material fotográfico, siguiendo los parámetros para formatos de archivo estipulados por la Biblioteca del Congreso. Los fotógrafos del Instituto Cubano de Geodesia y Cartografía obtuvieron 4,722 negativos, aproximadamente el 80% de los cuales eran placas de vidrio de 5"x7", mientras que el 20% restante eran negativos de película de 5"x7" así como 4,722 impresiones en papel con medidas y anotaciones originales dibujadas directamente sobre los mismos y que forman parte integrante del registro visual de las obras de restauración de la ciudad vieja. Muchos de los negativos se estaban deteriorando debido a la falta de almacenamiento adecuado, al exceso de humedad y al deterioro químico. Algunos de los edificios fotografiados en los años 80 ya no existen. Por ejemplo, dos de ellos fueron demolidos para construir la nueva Iglesia Ortodoxa Rusa.

Hampshire College

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Digital Photographic Archive of Historic Havana

In their final year at Hampshire, students undertake a major independent study project with the guidance of a faculty committee. The project might be a body of writing, art, or performance; or scholarly or scientific research. The final product is referred to as the Division III project, or “Div III.” The Division III Archive, maintained by the Harold F. Johnson Library at Hampshire, preserves and provides access to these works in perpetuity. Works are submitted by their creators. The Division III Archive online contains works from 2006 to the present. Print copies of text-based Division III projects submitted to the Library by students from 1971-2014 are available on the second floor of the Library, or in the Div III Showcase on the Library's main floor.

Hampshire College

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Bell that Division III students ring when their final work is passed.

Blair, Dorothy Lilian, 1890-1989; art historian and curator. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1914; Assistant, Mount Holyoke College Department of Art and Archaeology, 1914-1916. Papers date from circa 1913-1989 and consist of correspondence, dairies, writings, research materials, financial and estate records, memorabilia, a scrapbook, biographical information, and photographs which chiefly relate to her work as a museum curator and authority on the history of Japanese glass. Include diaries documenting her research and study in Japan (1927-1938) and Europe (1933) and an autobiographical recollection (1981) of her 1927-1928 stay in Japan.

Mount Holyoke College

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Dorothy Blair papers

Hahn, Dorothy Anna, 1876-1950; chemist and college teacher. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1908-1941. Papers consist of a scrapbook compiled after her death, correspondence, writings, biographical information, laboratory safety goggles, and photographs; principally documenting Hahn's career as a chemistry professor. Also contains correspondence to James M. Foster, father of Dorothy Foster, Mount Holyoke College English professor.

Mount Holyoke College

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Dorothy Hahn papers