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Compass items are organized into collections. Our collections showcase unique, archival and scholarly materials, including rare books, photographs, records, letters, audio, and video from Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, and Smith Colleges. To browse the collections of an individual institution, use the "All Institutions" drop down menu below.

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Lake Erie College. Founded as Lake Erie Female Seminary in Painesville, Ohio, 1859. Papers consist of catalogs, publications, clippings and photographs. Primarily documenting the founding of the school and its academic program.

Mount Holyoke College

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Lake Erie College Records

Villard, Léonie; professor at the Université de Lyon, Lyon France. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1937 and 1950-1951. This journal details the political and socio-economic conditions in World War II France contrasting life in the city of Lyon and the nearby countryside. There are only 8 entries for 1941 with none between July 7 and Dec. 26, 1941.

Mount Holyoke College

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Léonie Villard Journal

Letters to Rev. and Mrs. Isaac Bird, 1822-1835; missionaries in Beirut, Lebanon. Correspondence in English and Arabic (with translations) reflects living conditions among Christian missionaries in the Middle East chiefly with regard to their health, general living conditions, and prospects for success among the Nestorians, Muslims and Jews.

Mount Holyoke College

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Letters to Rev. and Mrs. Isaac Bird

Linda (b. Lucinda) Thayer Guilford, 1823-1911, was a teacher and founder of the Cleveland Academy (1860). She graduated from the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in 1847. Her papers contain correspondence, writings, an autograph album, memorabilia, biographical information, and photographs primarily concerning her academic and social activities as a Mount Holyoke student and her work as a teacher.

Mount Holyoke College

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Linda Thayer Guilford Papers

Loretta Ross is a reproductive rights advocate, civil rights and women’s health activist, and feminist. The Loretta Ross papers are comprised of materials related to her activism for reproductive justice, rights for women of color, anti-violence, and international human rights, as well as files from the organizations with which she has actively participated. The collection also contains materials related to the topics of black women’s health, women’s health, abortion, teenage pregnancy, housing, as well as others.

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Smith College

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Loretta J. Ross papers

Jewett, Louise Rogers, 1859-1914; Artist and college teacher. Mount Holyoke College faculty member, 1901-1914. Papers consist of letters, poems, writings, artwork, scrapbook and photographs; primarily containing letters written to her family while studying art in Paris and Florence.

Mount Holyoke College

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Louise Rogers Jewett Papers

Lucy Fletcher Hawley, ca. 1824-1878, attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary from 1841 to 1842. Papers consist of a diary documenting her experience at Mount Holyoke including academics and social activities.

Mount Holyoke College

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Lucy Fletcher Hawley Diary

Lord, Lucy Thomas Lyon, 1817-1853; Teacher and missionary. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary graduate, 1840. Mount Holyoke Female Seminary teacher, 1841-1846. Papers contain correspondence, letterbook, and a biography. Primarily consisting of letters to her brother regarding her religious life and to Mary Lyon, her aunt, about her mission work in China.

Mount Holyoke College

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Lucy Lyon Lord Papers

Goodale, Lucy Thurston, 1820-1840; Student. Attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary 1838-1840, died of typhoid. Papers contain correspondence, notebooks, writings, drawings, theorem paintings, memorabilia, and biographical and genealogical information documenting her experience at Mount Holyoke, including special events and daily activities.

Mount Holyoke College

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Lucy Thurston Goodale Papers

Lydia R. Baldwin Phelps, d. 1872, graduated from the Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in 1845. Her papers consist of correspondence, compositions, a certificate of good character, and a biographical note, primarily documenting her activities as a student at Mount Holyoke.

Mount Holyoke College

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Lydia Baldwin Phelps Papers

Buyse, Mabel Easton, 1882-1977; Missionary. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1907. Papers contain correspondence, writings, memorabilia, biographical information, and photographs. Primarily documenting her work in Uganda and the Congo with special note of famine and the effects of the World Wars.

Mount Holyoke College

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Mabel Easton Buyse Papers

Margaret Virtue Rooks, b. 1972; Special Education Teacher. Mount Holyoke College graduate, 1996. Papers include punk rock fanzines, correspondence, flyers, student papers, a book and an audio cassette tape primarily documenting Rooks' involvement in the Riot Grrrl movement in Washington, D.C. (1992-1994) and in Western Massachusetts (1990-1991, 1994-1996) and her undergraduate studies.

Mount Holyoke College

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Margaret Rooks Papers