Letter from Martha Coan to Harriet Colgate,1840 November 25
Letter from Elizabeth Hawks to Nancy Everett, 1839 March 20
Diploma of Mary Hooker, class of 1845
Grace E. Wilder
Letter from Lydia Pomeroy to Jerusha Pomeroy (sister), 1843 July 21
Helen W. Jones
Letter from Helen Newton to her mother, 1900 March 11
Dirges for October
Letter from Lucy Barlow to Henry Barlow, 1845 January 08
Laura Veronica Lee, Class of 1936
Mary S. Gibson, class of 1952
Sherry A. Umberfield, class of 1976
Letter from Julia Hyde to M. H. Goodale
Letter from Marion Harwood to Sarah Harwood, 1847 June 22
Michiko Nishiura, 1992
Barbara J. Bickwit