Thirty-First Annual Report of the Mount Holyoke Friends of Art, 1961-1962
Mount Holyoke News Bureau Press Release, 125th anniversary
125th Anniversary Special Events 1962, Mount Holyoke College News Bureau
American Women Printmakers of the 30's and 40's
Mount Holyoke College Art Museum Newsletter; Spring 1989; Volume 12, Number 1
Report to the President, May 1978, Mount Holyoke College Art Museum
The New Vitality in Art: The Black Women, exhibition booklet, 1972
A Graphic Muse, Prints by Contemporary American Women, Invitation
10 Afro-American Artists Exhibition Booklet
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14 American Women Printmakers, Mount Holyoke College Friends of Art, Opening Reception Invitation
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Women Artists in America Today
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Advancing our legacy for leadership: The campaign for Mount Holyoke College