The Making of a Library: the academic library in transition
A Proposal for A School of Language and Communication at Hampshire College
Hampshire College Planning Bulletin #9, Foreign Studies
The Making of a College: A New Departure in Higher Education
A Documentary History of Hampshire College, vol. 3: 1985-1995
Hampshire College: a Report on Institutional Positioning and Web Strategy and Development, 18 July 2001
A Documentary History of Hampshire College, vol. 4: 1995-2005
Articles of Organization
Report of the Task Force on the Houses, December 1976
Report of the Retention Task Force (Jan 31, 1978)
Preliminary Report of the Constitutional Reform Committee (1975)
A [Student] Proposal for Hampshire College
Images of the Self: 1979 Arts Month, Hampshire College Gallery
A History of Student Activities and Achievements at Hampshire College, 1991-2000
The Portable Advisor; and The Portable Advisor on Exams
Special Approaches to Women's Education: A Model Coeducational Plan (Preliminary Draft - Not For Publication)
A Working Paper: Is the Experiment Over? Movement for Spring, 1980
Report of the Educational Advisory Committee to the President of Hampshire College, Apr 13 1966
Hampshire College Library and Community Center, 10 May 2002
Mixed Nuts Food Cooperative: a Brief History, 1972-1996