A Documentary History of Hampshire College, vol. 2: 1975-1985
Hampshire Forest: Recommendations Concerning the Uses of Hampshire's Land
The Making of a Library: the academic library in transition
The Making of a College: A New Departure in Higher Education
A Documentary History of Hampshire College, vol. 3: 1985-1995
A Documentary History of Hampshire College, vol. 4: 1995-2005
Hampshire College Progress Report #1, Employment by Faculty Contract
Hampshire College Planning Bulletin #7, Notes on Law Study
Hampshire College Planning Bulletin, A First Course in Language and Communication
Workplace Democracy
Hampshire College Planning Bulletin #4, Computers and Computer Use
Hampshire College 1970 (The First Hampshire College Catalog)
Meltdown at Montague: a citizens' guide to the consequences of an accident at a nuclear reactor in Franklin County, Massachusetts
Division I Proseminars: A Proposal (Feb 14 1979)
Report of the Task Force on the Houses, December 1976
Report of the Retention Task Force (Jan 31, 1978)
Preliminary Report of the Constitutional Reform Committee (1975)
A [Student] Proposal for Hampshire College
Images of the Self: 1979 Arts Month, Hampshire College Gallery
A History of Student Activities and Achievements at Hampshire College, 1991-2000