Postcard from Nkenge Touré to Loretta Ross
October calendar from Loretta Ross' appointment book
"Rent Control Now" poster
World Conference on Women in Nairobi button
Loretta J. Ross
Poster for the First National Conference of Black Women's Health Issues
Center for Democratic Renewal button
"Let's Stop Racism" button
"Trust Women" button
Note from Loretta Ross to herself
"Long Term" to-do list from Loretta Ross' notebook
Reproductive Rights Versus Reproductive Freedom: A Discussion with Loretta Ross
"Monitor Article", page from Loretta Ross' notebook
"Things to do," page from Loretta Ross' notebook
Ross family reunion
Loretta Ross and the Sam Houston High School Girl's Drill Team
Speakers at a Rape Crisis Center event
Loretta Ross in Washington, D.C.
March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C.
Loretta J. Ross at Malcom X Park