Correspondence between Marion Blake and Mary E. Woolley regarding plans to fill the position of Miss Galt, a Mount Holyoke archaeology professor who had died
Marion Blake in midlife, front and back of a snapshot
Mosaics from Todi environs, pencil study and notes, front and back
Todi Mosaic in niches of 1st c. B.C. wall, pencil study and notes
Velletri Mosaic, Station Villa, pencil studies and notes
Marion Blake late in life, eyes towards her work
"The Pavements of Rome and its Vicinity of the Republican and Augustan Epochs," a scholarly paper by Marion Elizabeth Blake
Letter from A. W. Van Buren to Marion Blake dated 9 September 1926
Shapes and names of Greek vases, pencil study
Todi Mosaic, pencil studies with notes, front and back
Marion Blake late in life, eyes towards the camera, front and back of a snapshot
"A Chronological Study of the Cement Pavements of Pompeii," Marion Blake's notes for a paper she was writing for the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome
Travelers posing on the steps of a church or other building during Marion Blake's Scandinavian trip, front and back of a picture
Sketch Plan of Mausoleum and Sketch Plan of Nereid Monument
Letter from Rollin H. Tanner to Marion Blake
Todi Mosaic details, front and back of a drawing
Marion Blake's portrait, probably when she graduated from Mount Holyoke
Marion Blake seated on steps (or the cavea of an ancient Roman theater) with unidentified female companion
Marion Blake standing in a garden with an unidentified male companion
Marion Blake on a donkey led by an unidentified man, with mountains in the background