Letter from Jane Scudder to Charles Scudder (father), 1844 October 17
Letter from Amy Roberts Jones to  Mary A. Roberts, 1896 September 25
Letter from Margaretta Huntting to Laura D. Howell, 1846 December 03
Letter from Sarah Fenn to Jerusha Moore, 1847 February 02
Letter from Lydia Baldwin Phelps to Ezekiel Baldwin,1843 October 18
Letter from Rhoda Perkins to Mary Perkins
Letter from Lucinda Thayer Guilford to Francese Greene, 1845 October 19
Letter from Eliza M. Harding to Eliza Harding (mother), 1844 October 06
Letter from Edna L. Ferry to Charles A. Ferry, 1903 November 18
Letter from Edna L. Ferry to Rosella E. Ferry, 1903 February 8
Letter from Lucy Goodale to Miss Elizabeth H. Goodale
Letter from Edna L. Ferry to Charles A. Ferry and Rosella E. Ferry, 1901 October 6