Letter from unidentifed correspondent to her mother and sister
Letter from Edna L. Ferry to Rosella E. Ferry, 1903 November 9
Correspondence between Marion Blake and Mary E. Woolley regarding plans to fill the position of Miss Galt, a Mount Holyoke archaeology professor who had died
Letter from Lucy Lyon '40, to her brother, Aaron E. Lyon
Letter from Mary W. Chapin to Mary Graves
Letter from Fidelia Fiske '42 to Mary C. Whitman
Letter from Caroline LeConte Morris to Mrs. Gershua LeConte, 1841 June 28
Letter from Amy Roberts Jones to  Augustus H. Roberts and Mary A. Roberts, 1896 October 28
Letter from Julia Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale, 1840 October 15
Letter from Mary E. Graves to unidentified recipient
Letter from Abby B. Hyde to Millicent W. Goodale