October calendar from Loretta Ross' appointment book
Black Women Why Feminism?
"Unite to Stop Racist and Sexist Discrimination Against Black Women!" flyer
Postcard from Nkenge Touré to Loretta Ross
Letter of protest about commencement speaker
Statement of interest from Nkenge Touré for the position at the National Black Women's Health Project
Quilt squares made by participants of the Gloria and Wilma School for Organizers
Notes from Forum '85: The 1985 Non-Governmental World Meeting for Women
Photograph Album of Hart-Lester Harris
Memorabilia book of Hart-Lester Harris
Letter from Mary Byrd Wells (Class of 1897) to Lola Maverick (Class of 1897)
Program for Nicholas Udall's play, "Ralph Roister Doister'"
Photograph album of Elizabeth Crocker Lawrence
Page from Hart-Lester Harris (Class of 1913) records book
Correspondence from Harriet Seelye to Mrs. Allen
Correspondence from L. Clark Seelye to Mr. and Mrs. Allen