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Gustave Cohen to Jean Wahl August 16, 1944
Alice T. Nesther to Helen E. Patch July 10, 1943
Charlotte Allen Ward letter templates to Paul Ward, ca. 1927
Mrs. Jean Heurgon to Elizabeth Wallace November 23, 1943
Letter from Malvina Stanton Lang to Louisa F. Cowles, Jan. 5, 1904
Invitation for Dr. and Mrs. Edward Hitchcock to Mary Emma Woolley Inauguration
Correspondence between Ella T. Grasso and Annmarie Menzyk, November-December 1973
Correspondence between Ella Grasso and Harold Scott, October 11, 1973
Letter from Virginia Apgar to Paul A. Harper
Mrs. R. de Saussure to Helen E. Patch January 14, 1945
Charlotte Allen Ward letter to family, February 26, 1912
Boris Mirkine-Guetzavitch to Mrs. Raymond de Saussure March 3, 1944
Letter from Elizabeth Lucy Chapin to Emily Chapin, January 11, 1860
Charlotte Allen Ward letter to family, June 8, 1915