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Notes for Student Life chapter, part one
Notes on Back Bay Parlor
Notes and paper cutouts from first Halloween and first Founder's Day of Maude Aldrich, Class of 1902
"A Chronological Study of the Cement Pavements of Pompeii," Marion Blake's notes for a paper she was writing for the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome
Personal record of attendance at Smith Commencements
H.L. (Plimpton) Peet, Ship. Empress Capt. Le Craw
Note about correspondence
Scratch notes
Notes for Student Life chapter, part seven
Prayer requests written by students to Fidelia Fiske '42, when she was teaching at Mount Holyoke Seminary after returning from Persia
Payment receipt for typewriting
Notes for Student Life chapter, part five
Votes in the Executive Session, June 6, 1936
May Day Notes