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Anesthesia Report for the Surgical Executive Committee
Sixth Annual Report, Division of Anesthesia: 1943
Friends of Art Annual Report (1969-1970)
Eighth Annual Report, Division of Anesthesia: 1945
Chronological list of land acquisitions and building construction/improvements noted in the printed Journal Letters Sept. 23, 1875-March 28, 1889.
Memorandum by Mrs. Mary Hume Maguire
Mount Holyoke College Buildings: Architects, Names of Buildings, Construction Dates
Report prepared by black women from class of 1973, destributed at Commencement
Critique on Eliot House and the New Amphitheater for Mount Holyoke College
Summary report from Committee on the Multiracial Community, December 16, 1968
Mary Lyon Notes
Friends of Art, Mount Holyoke College, Annual Report 1971-1972
Mount Holyoke College Friends of Art, Annual Report, 1972-1973
The Succession of the Presidency by Alva Morrison