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Elizabeth T. Kennan
President Roswell Gray Ham delivering a speech
Shannon, Amalie R. (Assistant to the President, Cedar Crest College) TLS to David Truman
Piskor, Frank P. (President, St. Lawrence University) TLS to David Truman; + reply
Truman, David TL to John D. Wilson
Sophia Hazen Stoddard, ca. 1865
Tuttle, Mary Memo to Miss Ludwig
Emerson, Mary Albrecht (Class of 1935) TLS to President Richard G. Gettell
Hollander, Gayle D. (Hampshire College) TLS (copy) to David Truman; + memo to Anthony Farnham
President Roswell Gray Ham
Foster, Margery Somers TLS to David Truman
David and Elinor Truman
Truman, David Memo to the Faculty
President Roswell Gray Ham at a formal dinner
Perry, Marvin B. (President, Goucher College) TL (copy) to John D. Wilson