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Students posing near waterfall
Mount Holyoke College students enjoying a cup of tea
Students enjoy a snack and sit on the rafters in Pearsons Hall attic, ca. 1901
Officers of the class of 1946
Students and their dates at a dance
Mount Holyoke College Students in the Laurel parade with Peace Signs
Scott Cunningham, Nancy Ayer, Julia Brabson, and Neil Doherty in Buckland Hall, in 1956
Four students at the brook
Nine students ride their bicycles through campus past Porter Hall and Mary Lyon's grave, 1942
Four students enage in a pillow fight, ca. 1960s
1971 class members: Karen Maybury, Elizabeth Newison, Lorraine Garnett, Maurine McGrane, Donna Spindel and Gretchen Winston pose around a campus fountain
Students by the water on a sunny day
Mount Holyoke College students Nancy Lou Burhan, Phyllis Greenlaw, Pat Pukett and Jean Bormu catch up over sodas at the Wilbur Soda Bar