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The Oxbow as seen from Mount Holyoke
Photograph of Hart and Louis
Kathryn Irene Glascock
Edwin Ward letter to George B. Stewart, Jr., November 5, 1927
The Mount Holyoke News, Volume 40, Number 7, November 5, 1954
Speech Dept. Deirdre of the Sorrows: March 5, 1926: Speech Play 1926
Letter from Alva Morrison to Rowena K. Keyes
Letter from Eleanor R. Wembridge to Alva Morrison
Digital type design and typography
Art Dept.: Portrait of Edwin White by G.P.A. Henly
Letter from Edna L. Ferry to Rosella E. Ferry, 1903 May 3
Letter from Ann Morgan to Alva Morrison
Choragos, Volume 2, Number 3, October 10, 1968
May Day At Mount Holyoke
Gustave Cohen at the Entretiens de Pontigny Conference at Mount Holyoke College in 1943
Letter from J. Edna Johnson to Alva Morrison
Shigeyo Miura