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"Missionary Offering" - second draft (corresponding to pages 1-33 of first draft)
"Circular 5" ("Dear Sir - You Are Respectfully Invited...)
"Circular 12" ("Candidates for Mount Holyoke Female Seminary")
"Circular 8" ("Female Education")
"Missionary Offering" - first draft
Record of expenses of trip (Transcript of Page 4 only)
"Journal of a Trip..."
ML's notes and questions on Butler's Analogy [probably Joseph Butler, Analogy on Religion, 1833 ed.]
"Catalogue of books left in charge of E. Caldwell..."
Schools attended by ML, 1814-1824 (list)
Division of (Mary Lyon's parents') personal property
Blair's lectures (extracts)
Property inventory
Misses Stearns & Smith
Eliza P. Labaree & S. N. Little
Mr. & Mrs. Heard