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Fire at the Old Rockefeller Hall, December 21, 1922
Rockefeller Junior
Seniors Processing Into Abbey Memorial Chapel for Baccalaureate Service
Abbey Memorial Chapel: Ground breaking ceremony
Abbey Hall
Mount Holyoke College Campus Walk, South Of The Botanical Gardens
May Day 1932
A Path Down to Lower Lake
A Drive Beside Pageant Field
Pageant Field with Seating
A Path Down to The Boat House
Pageant Field
Old Observatory
Choir, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass
John Payson Williston Observatory
Mary Lyon Hall and The Old Library 1897-1904
Student-Alumnae Hall
Student-Alumnae Building
A Bird's-eye View of Mount Holyoke Seminary, 1887
View From Prospect Hill of Byron Smith's Farm, Later a Part of the Campus
Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, and Village of South Haldey, Mass., U.S.A., North Westerly From Goodnow Park, Mount Nonotuck in Distance
Mount Holyoke Seminary. View From Prospect Hill Now Goodnow Park
Mary Lyon clock tower from the top of the library
The Village Of So. Hadley From Prospect Hill
View from Prospect