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"Suggested release on the Fact-Finding Committee on Coeducation Report"; + memo
Fenton, Ellen (Class of 1974) TLS to David Truman; + reply
Truman, David Draft TL to Calvin H. Plimpton (President, Amherst College); + memo
Eddy, Edward D. (President, Chatham College) TLS to Mary E. Tuttle
President Roswell Gray Ham (left) in academic robes
Elliott, Randle (President, Hood College) TLS to Meribeth Cameron
Dillon, Mary T. Steyn TLS to David Truman; + reply
Merritt, Ruth S. (Mt. Holyoke Club of Indiana) TLS to Board of Trustees
Elizabeth Storrs B. Mead
President Roswell Gray Ham
President Roswell Gray Ham
Meribeth E. Cameron (Acting President) TL (copy) to Mrs. Henry C. Mackall
Week-End Program for the Inauguration of Richard Glenn Gettell, November 8, 9, 10, 1957
Truman, David Annotation on Memo
Perry, J. Christopher TLS to Gerhard Loewenberg