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Johnston, Mary J. ALS to Miss Blakely
Cummings, Mary E. ALS to Miss Blakely
Florence Clement: TLS to Frank Licher, L.G. Balfour Co. Re: request of copy of seal
Allyn, Harriett M. TL to Dr. Guy E. Snavely (Association of American Colleges)
Results of questionnaire for sophomores, juniors and seniors (raw numbers)
Unofficial MHC Seal: "Mary Lyon 1797-1849" (place card)
Act of Incorporation (Charter)
Fact-Finding Committee on Co-education: resolution presented to Board of Trustees re: formation of cmtee
"Stern days at Holyoke" New York Sun article
James K. Graby TL to Edith Estey
MHC Press release: Report issued by Fact-Finding Committee on Coeducation
Hubbard, Ursula P. ALS to Dean [Harriett M.] Allyn; + replies
Mary C. Thornton: TLS to R. G. Gettell Re: Use of College seal
Journal of House proceedings
Article: "Students redefine meaning of college seal design," MHC News
Correspondence re: rule revisions
Bruyn, Gertrude V. TL to Mrs. John H. Wells
Allyn, Harriett M. TL to Mr. Frank Clayton Myers