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Free French University In America Holds Special Summer Session At Mount Holyoke
Special French Summer Session Now Underway At Mount Holyoke
Nettoyage par le vide' or 'Cleaning of the empty
Mount Holyoke Pontigny Summer Session Opens On Campus Lawn
Mount Holyoke--The Arts
Press Release August 17, 1944
Press Release exclusive to the News 1944
Press Release on or after May 28, 1944
Entretiens de Pontigny Press Release
Concert des Entretiens de Pontigny
Helen E. Patch to Mrs. de Saussure December 10, 1945
Helen E. Patch to Miss Gilbert June 10, 1944
Marcelle de Manziarly to Helen E. Patch September 1, 1944
Anonymous to [Helen E. Patch] September 1, 1944
Les Entretiens de Pontigny: 4e semaine, du 13 au 19 aout
Les Entretiens de Pontigny: 3e semaine, du 6 au 12 aout
Les Entretiens de Pontigny: 2e semaine, du 30 juillet au 5 aout
Lecturers ca. 1944