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Regulations of the Students' League
Report of the Committee of Four: preliminary typed draft
Myers, Frank Clayton TL to Miss Harriett M. Allyn; + reply
NY Times: "Young Women Ready for College Enrollment..."
Allyn, Harriett M. TL to Mrs. Howard S. Foster
Myers, Frank Clayton TLS to Miss Harriett M. Allyn; + reply
Official MHC Seal: Catalogue: stylized redesign
Official MHC Seal: Decal 2 (white on blue)
Eels, Walter Crosby TL to DeWitt Wallace
"When 2 x 2 meant fire. . ." Community Press
Myers, Frank Clayton TLS to Miss Harriet M. Allyn
Logo notes
Administrative Regulations
Handwritten MS. believed to be working notes for a report or article
Mount Holyoke College seal
"College Entrance Requirements, 100 years ago" Democrat & Chronicle (Rochester, NY) article
Copy of Act appropriating aid to Mount Holyoke
Unofficial MHC Seal: "Education Lights the Future"