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Services and Tributes in Memory of Mrs. Rebecca Wheelock Hart wife of Rev. Burdett Hart, D.D. who died in New Haven, November 25, 1892
In Memoriam: Dr. Virginia Apgar '29
Atualidade literaria francesa: Recordacoes de Pontigny' or 'Contemporary French Literary Intelligentsia: The Records of Pontigny
Holyoke Revival of French Thought
Ella T. Grasso for Secretary of the State
Les Entretiens de Pontigny: August 1-28, 1943
The Summer, 1943
Burgundy in Holyoke
Pontigny en Amerique
Pontigny Revives
Federation and World Government from 'The World We Want' Series
Federation and World Government from 'The World We Want Series'
History Points Toward Inevitable World Federation from 'The World We Want' Series
Pontigny en Amerique
Why Ella Grasso?
Article by Frances Perkins, titled 'Dark Spots in our Social Life,' ca. 1933
Connecticut's New Governor: She's Not a Feminist
The Woman's Place is in the House
St. Nicholas Magazine Article 'Carol-Singing at Mount Holyoke' by Helen Davis
The Mount Holyoke Medal of Honor
The Goal of Equal Opportunities: Mount Holyoke's Response,' article published in Summer 1968 Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, written by Clara R. Ludwig, class of 1937, Director of Admissions
Dateline Mount Holyoke College Article: Cherokee Chief to Speak on Changing Role
Journal AAUW, Winter 1943, Volume 36 No 2