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Botany Dept.: Lycopodium prothalia: Miss Stokey
Kellogg House: Park Street Lodge and Residents
Speech Dept. Deirdre of the Sorrows: March 5, 1926: Speech Play 1926
Art Dept.: Portrait of Edwin White by G.P.A. Henly
Painting the Boathouse
Botany Dept.: May Flower Cuttings
Junior Top Spinning 1920: Endowment Fund
Field Memorial Gate
Brigham Hall 1930
Carol Rogers making hat
Skinner Cup Chrysanthemums 1925: First time winning cup
Dr. Clapp and Clapp Hall: June 1930
So. Hadley: 4 Jewett Lane
Hadley Chest
Miss Hooker's Hen
Kinney Rock Garden
Miss Foss's Models 1926
Miss Foss's Models 1926
Mary Lyon's Birthplace Buckland
Art Dept.: Miss Foss's Modeling Class