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Ellen Sue Kipnis carrying a rose at Ivy Day
Cynthia Walsh (Class of 1939)
Tina Angell (Class of 1981)
Suzanne E. Schettler looking at a painting at an arts festival
Madeleine M. Will (Class of 1967) receiving the Smith College Medal at Rally Day from Mary Maples Dunn
"America's Only Indian Camp for Pale-Face Girls"
Hubbard House tea party
Otelia Cromwell (Class of 1900)
Claire R. Keating (Class of 1967) in science lab
Hester R. Hoffman (Class of 1917) on the Smith College campus
Elizabeth Wood Smith and another student on ski trip
Salome Machado (Class of 1883) in flowered bonnet holding a bouquet
Jane Benham Bishop (Class of 1967) in Wright Hall Connector
Students in science lab
Ivy Day procession
Jane Holley (Class of 1981)
Susan N. Mitchell (Class of 1967) and two other students at a piano
Hilda Edwards (Hamlin) (Class of 1912) on her 96th Birthday
Tei Ninomiya (Class of 1910)
Tei Ninomiya (Class of 1910) at Miss Maltby's boarding house