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Frances Perkins in a fur coat
Frances Perkins and President John Kennedy at the 50th Anniversary dinner for the Department of Labor, March 4, 1963
Frances Perkins, Max Meyer, and Maxwell Wheeler, 1931
President Franklin D. Roosevelt Signs The Social Security Bill, August 14, 1935
Frances Perkins with Dr. Arnold Wolfers and President Woolley on Founder's Day, November 3, 1934
Frances Perkins on Ivy Day, Mount Holyoke College
Frances Perkins Commencement Photograph, 1902
Frances Perkins, 1902
Frances Perkins and Mary Emma Woolley on Founders Day, Nov. 8, 1934
Frances Perkins with her daughter Susanna, 1917
Frances Perkins, ca. 1900-01
Article in Mount Holyoke College's Telescope publication celebrates Frances Perkins's position as Secretary of Labor, April 1933
Fanny Perkins at age 4
Class member Alice Little talks to Frances Perkins during Laurel Parade, 1962
Frances Perkins poses with James Dodson during World War II bond drive, ca. 1941-1945
Frances Perkins and dinner companion, ca. 1938
Frances Perkins Speaking at the 25th Anniversary of the Social Security Act, August 14, 1960