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The Oxbow as seen from Mount Holyoke
Unemployment and the Junior Worker' brochure, 1931
Board of Admissions Recruitment Publication, 'It's the Black Experience at Mount Holyoke and we want and need you, sister', written by Gloria Maxwell, July 28, 1971
The Equal Opportunity Fund: Make a Difference at Mount Holyoke' brochure, ca. 1978
Becoming a Black Woman at Mount Holyoke' brochure, 1979
Toward Cultural Diversity' brochure, 1978
Sisterhood at Mount Holyoke' brochure, ca. 1976
Reflections of Sisterhood' brochure, ca. 1979
Mount Holyoke Principals and Presidents
Black Women at Mount Holyoke' brochure, 1985
125th Anniversary Special Events 1962, Mount Holyoke College News Bureau
Mount Holyoke College Garden informational brochure
The Principal Buildings of Mount Holyoke College, 1898
The Black Experience at Mount Holyoke' brochure, 1971
Mount Holyoke Admissions Brochure: Supplementary Information, ca. 1940-1947
Mount Holyoke Admissions Brochure: Supplementary to the Catalog, ca. 1947-1948
Mount Holyoke Admissions Brochure: The Sciences, ca. 1940-1950