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Plaque from The Women's Building to Carmen Vázquez
Demonstration at New York University
National Organization for Women picketing the Playboy Club
Women's Strike for Equality marchers
Statement of interest from Nkenge Touré for the position at the National Black Women's Health Project
Black Women Why Feminism?
World Conference on Women in Nairobi button
March for Women's Lives in Washington, D.C.
"Trust Women" button
Sister Song: Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective pamphlet
"Unite to Stop Racist and Sexist Discrimination Against Black Women!" flyer
Black United Fronts: Fighting For 150 years
Forum '85 The 1985 Non-Governmental World Meeting of Women program
Certificate of Appreciation from the Community Against Violence awarded to Carmen Vázquez
Proclamation of Carmen Vázquez Day in San Francisco
Forum '85: The 1985 Non-Governmental World Meeting of Women Activity Guidelines
Carmen Vázquez speaking at an event