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Notes from Forum '85: The 1985 Non-Governmental World Meeting for Women
"Rebirth of Midwifery"
Cover of the Akwesasne Environmental Programs booklet
Brochure announcing lectures by Katsi Cook at Dalhousie University
Katsi Cook's breast disease examination
Healing Ourselves, Saving our Community
Black Panther Party Platform and Program
Statement of interest from Nkenge Touré for the position at the National Black Women's Health Project
Black Women Why Feminism?
Reproductive Rights Versus Reproductive Freedom: A Discussion with Loretta Ross
"Monitor Article", page from Loretta Ross' notebook
Note from Loretta Ross to herself
"Things to do," page from Loretta Ross' notebook
October calendar from Loretta Ross' appointment book
"Long Term" to-do list from Loretta Ross' notebook
"Rent Control Now" poster
Staying Safe Sexual Assault: How to Protect Yourself
Sister Song: Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective pamphlet
The National Black Women's Health Project Self-Help Developers' Manual
Celebrating the Black Panther Party: 35th Anniversary of the Founding