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Forget me not
Cat framed by hearts and peonies
"Love's Token. Love's Gift"
"The sender thinks always of thee"
"A Valentine for You Sweetheart"
Drink to me only with thine eyes
Esther Howland Valentine card, "Hope and Success" ca. 1870s
"To One I Love"
"Valentine Greetings"
Valentine: Forever Thine
"Truly thine. Happiness"
"Loving Greeting" (Thomas, from Daddy)
"With my Love"
Taj Mahal scene--"Never talk of Love with scorn"
"Valentine Greetings In Store for You"
Esther Howland Valentine card, "Sincerely Yours" ca. 1870s
Cupid among pansies and roses
"To My Valentine" (from Philip)