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Botany Dept.: Lycopodium prothalia: Miss Stokey
Art Dept.: Portrait of Edwin White by G.P.A. Henly
Botany Dept.: May Flower Cuttings
Junior Top Spinning 1920: Endowment Fund
Carol Rogers making hat
So. Hadley: 4 Jewett Lane
Hadley Chest
Mary Lyon's Birthplace Buckland
Art Dept.: Miss Foss's Modeling Class
Miss Woolley and dogs
Senior Field Hockey Team 1920
Covered Bridge, Hockamum
Art Dept.: Miss Foss's Modeling Class
Senior Basketball Team 1920-21
Junior Basketball Team 1921
Archery 1922
Buckland Scenery
Plant Culture Class 1907
Mary Gorham '21
Buckland Scenery
Botany Dept.: Mushrooms on trees: Agaricus ostrates
Junior Volleyball Team
Old Library
6 Jewett Lane Kathleen Lynch Engl. Lit. Gruber
Library interior: Reading Room
Speech Play: "A Summer Morning"
Botany Dept.: Mushroom bed
Archery 1922
Third Church in South Hadley 1844-75 Chandler
Senior Basketball Team 1922
South Amherst from the Notch
Riding Horseback Oct 1925
Gym Instruction 1911
Junior Top Spinning 1920: Endowment Fund
Alumnae Trustees 1925
Third Church in South Hadley 1844-1875
Mary Lyon Portrait
Horseback Riders 1921
Buckland Scenery
Cast taken for Miss Galt: May 1927
Senior Field Hockey Team 1920-21
Floriculture Class 1906
Archery 1929
Plant Culture Class 1927
Plant Culture Class 1929
Gaylord Library
Congregational Church 5th Meeting House 1930
Botany: Floriculture Class 1904: Weeding garden
Mary Lyon Portrait